Woodcraft Technologies


Woodcraft Case Covers are designed to add strength, protect your motorcycle and look great. These covers are meticulously produced in the USA out of the very best materials available. These covers help ensure that when your bike hits the ground the vital fluids stay inside the motor and the gravel will stay out, allowing you to get back to riding as soon as possible.

Woodcraft Case Covers feature replaceable skid pads in both stainless steel (for racing durability & ground clearance) or Double Thick Aluminum (street looks with extra thick protection).


Woodcraft's patented 2-piece sliders are the most durable sliders on the market. Their perpendicular mounting bolt allows the slider to be solid rather than hollow (like other sliders) which provides nearly 50% more material on the road and much greater durability.


Woodcraft's products also include Armour Bodies kits, Axle Sliders, Bar End Sliders, Frame Sliders, Knee Sliders, as well as Clip-Ons.


The motivation behind the Woodcraft 3-piece Split Clip-Ons is simple: installing, servicing, and removing clip-ons can be a real pain and eat up valuable time at the track! With our 3-piece design we've eliminated the need to disassemble the front-end to service your Clip-Ons.

Lightweight, great looks, improved strength, adjustability and easy installation make Woodcraft 3-piece Split Clip-Ons an essential addition to any sportbike.


Woodcraft's trademark 2-piece body clamp installs easier and faster than the competition. You will never have to disassemble your front end again just to change bars.


The universal replacement bars can pay for themselves in one crash! Most OEM bars are expensive 1-piece assemblies and require complete front end disassembly to replace.



Woodcraft stands are engineered to ensure our stands lift with low physical effort without sacrificing stability or work space.

Woodcraft stands provide the highest standard in the Industry for our stand wheels. The quad 4" wheels are unmatched for both stability and their ability to roll smoothly over rough surfaces.


Top quality craftsmanship allows Woodcraft to guarantee all of our stands against defects in material or workmanship.


Another great product by Woodcraft is the tire warmer. Woodcraft's engineering allows their warmers to run on only 1,000 watts (20% less than the competition) while still supplying maximum heat. When power gets low the Woodcraft warmers will get you heat when the others fail.


Woodcraft Swingarm Spools have wide grooves that make locating the stand easier and raised lips on either side that give them unparalleled stability.


For racing applications the Woodcraft Swingarm Slider of choice is the solid Delrin model. The polyoxymethylene plastic offers extra protection in the case of an unfortunate crash and incorporates the secure raised edges our spools are known for.


Woodcraft Swingarm Spools also are available in a trick hard anodized aluminum finish for that factory-look. Four color choices are available to suit your bikes colorways.